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100% scholarships for academic excellence starting August 2024 for students starting year 10 (IGCSE) and year 12 (A Level).

IGCSE & A Level scholarships: up to 100%:

We would like to offer a small number of large scholarships to outstanding students entering year 10 (Grade 9/ Mattayom 3) and year 12 (Grade 11/ Mattayom 5) in August 2024.  

Once again, Charter will offer a limited number of scholarships of up to 100% of all fees for those who show genuine academic excellence and a determination to learn beyond the classroom.

We provide a high-quality international education that develops academically successful students holistically, and a successful scholarship candidate will be someone who will take full advantage of all the aspects that a Charter education offers. Of course, we expect our Scholarship students to excel academically, but they will also take a leading role in the wider life of the school, for example, in leadership, service and extracurricular activities.


A Level 

The Thada Arts and Humanities academic scholarship/Dr. Pleng Science and technology academic scholarship

Academic Scholars are outstanding individuals who show excellence and consistency in their academic endeavours in their chosen area. In addition, applicants should be inquisitive, committed to learning and possess an open mind. Applicants will be required to sit an examination in each of the three/four subjects that they intend to study at A Level and participate in interviews with senior school leaders. 

The Lily Art Scholarships
Art Scholars are able to demonstrate outstanding talent as well as a strong interest in Art. The ideal candidate is a creative risk-taker who shows a willingness to be challenged. Applicants should be enthusiastic and productive as evidenced by their portfolio which should contain drawings that are from direct observation, as well as a range of other work. During the interview, candidates should be able to discuss their awareness of a range of artists and talk about any visits they have made to galleries and exhibitions.

IGCSE Scholarship 
IGCSE Scholarship is open to students about to enter Year 10 (DOB 1 August 2009 - 31 July 2010) who show academic excellence across the board. They will also demonstrate a wider commitment to their development through enjoying a wide range of activities beyond the classroom and academic learning


Scholarship applications must exhibit a high level of academic excellence. Academic scholarships are awarded based on tests and interviews at Charter and past school records.

Applicants must:
- Possess excellent academic results
- Score well on the CAT4 test taken with Charter
- Possess excellent records in extra-curricular activities
- Demonstrate leadership qualities
- Be of an eligible age for entry into the A Level programme. You should be currently studying in Year 11 for IGCSEs or equivalent (Date of Birth 1 August 2007 – 31 July 2008) Or IGCSE programme (Date of Birth 1 August 2009 - 31 July 2010)

 A competitive exam will be held in the 2nd week of May 2024The deadline to apply for the exam (subject to space) is Tuesday 7th May 2024. Early application is encouraged as space is limited.

To apply to take this exam please please click here  to apply. The school will confirm admission to the exam and supply logistical details.
The decision to offer any scholarship is entirely at the discretion of the school.

For more information on scholarship please contact:

The Admissions Department
Tel: +66 (0) 2 7268283-4 Ext. 144, 125
Mobile phone: 063-082-1098