Where do Charter’s students come from?

Around 50% of Charter’s students are Thai, about 28% are not Thai (from 27+ different nationalities) and about 22% Have one Thai parent and one non-Thai parent.

Where do Charter’s teachers come from?
To be a teacher at Charter, you must have a degree and a teaching qualification. In addition to our Thai language and Culture teachers, we recruit our other teachers from overseas, with around 75% of them being UK citizens.

Do students have to sit an entry test?
New students must attend a “Discovery Day” to enable the class teacher and the school head to assess academic strengths and challenges of the students. There is an English Test provided on this day for students applying to Primary School. Applicants to Secondary will take additional tests in other subjects. If students pass the test, parents are required to enrol students at school within 1 week.

Do you accept applications for enrolment during the academic year and what are your intake year levels?
Charter International School accepts students at all year levels throughout the year and even mid-term, if places are available in the year level required.

Do you operate waiting lists?
Waiting lists operate in all year levels. For this reason, every application we receive for enrolment at Charter International School is registered by its date of submission and becomes part of our database of prospective families. At the beginning of the year, place availability is assessed and if a place is available in the year level of entry required, our Registrar contacts families from our database to determine whether the family still wishes to continue with the enrolment at Charter International School. Once these replies are received we arrange an interview for the family. Offers of placements are made after the interview. Priority is given to siblings of our current students. 

What subjects do you offer at IGCSE and A Level?
We offer over 20 different IGCSE and A Level courses. Full details of the courses offered can be seen in the Curriculum/Secondary Curriculum information on this website. Further details of all courses can be provided on application.

Do you offer scholarships?
As part of our commitment to preparing students for a lifetime of learning, we offer special scholarships for students of Secondary school age academic with extraordinary talents, sport, music etc.).
Do you operate school buses to and from Charter International School?
The school operates bus services to and from the School on a daily basis covering a number of different suburbs in the Bangkok area. Please contact the school office for further information.

Are places available right now?
For the latest information on the availability of places, please contact our Admissions Officer on +66 (0)2726-8283/4 or by email at admissions@charter.ac.th