Primary Curriculum

The core subjects,

Maths and English are taught in the first two lessons of each morning. (8:15 - 9:15 and 9:15 - 10:15). These lessons follow the objectives set out in the English National Curriculum and tailored to our context by our Maths and English coordinators to ensure continuity through the years, and progression from one term to the next and one year to the next.

Other subjects are taught through enquiry based topics which span 3 to 9 weeks each. Science, History, Geography, Computing, Art and Design and Technology are taught through these topics. At the start of each school year (from Year 3) students explore how learning takes place. Through these units they will learn how to get the most from their learning opportunities and recognise their own personal learning styles. This understanding will help the students make the best of their learning experiences in the upcoming year.

Learning technologies, such as iPads, laptops and the computer labs are used to help support learning and teaching across all subjects. The skills needed to utilise these resources are taught through our topic work. In addition to these skills the students are also taught how computers work, and how we can program them, through Computing lessons. 

The following subjects are taught by subject specialists

  •  Mandarin (From Year 3)
  •  Music
  •  Physical Education
  •  Swimming
  •  Thai or Thai as a Foreign Language (TFL)
  •  English Language Support (ELS) if required

The children’s learning is assessed continually to ensure their learning needs are met, and summative assessments are made at the end of each term in Maths and English to ensure progress has been made and to help identify any areas in specific need of attention. The results of assessments are reported to parents in written reports at the end of Term 1 and Term 3.

Students in Reception and also have Thai Language and Culture lessons.