Charter International School is looking to fill the following vacancy:  

For August 2022, Charter International School is looking for the following members of staff:


Information for applicants for teaching positions at Charter International School, Bangkok


All applicants for any position must take Child Protection as seriously as we do. References and background checks are required of all our employees.


All applicants for a teaching position at Charter International School must be qualified teachers.


The following statement should be included as part of your letter of application or as a separate sheet and must be signed.


I confirm that I have not been convicted of any criminal offences or been involved in any disciplinary proceedings that have led to me being barred from working with school aged children / students.


It is a condition of any offer of employment that applications are completed fully and honestly and are factually correct.


Applications should consist of a CV/résumé and letter of application. Each of these documents should be no longer than two sides of A4. The CV/ résumé should contain the names of at least two professional referees, one of whom must be your current head / employer and the second your previous head / employer. The CV/ résumé should not contain any unexplained gaps.


The letter of application should state which position you are applying for, why you want to work at Charter International School and how your experience and skills make you suitable for employment at the school. Extra materials such as open testimonials/references, photos, portfolios etc. may be sent if you wish.


We receive many applications throughout the year both speculative and in response to published vacancies. In order to give yourself the best chance of obtaining an interview please make sure that your CV/ résumé and letter of application contain all the following information.




Personal information


Full name




Whether or not any spouse / partner /children will accompany you


Email address






Name of each degree completed


Dates of study for each degree


Main subjects studied and class of each degree


Institution awarding each degree


Additional qualifications (sports coaching / International Award Leader etc.)






Names and addresses of all schools where you have previously taught


Subjects / age levels taught at each school


Extracurricular activities you can offer


Interests / hobbies / sports


INSET / training undertaken in the last five years


Date available to commence work if appointed


Last date to give required notice to current employer



Please send your application to

Neil Elrick