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Alumni Reviews

My most memorable moment is when I first came to Charter for the Discovery Day
The whole of Year 13 is my most memorable moment
The most memorable moment is the first I came to Charter

“The most memorable moment at charter was debating the teachers on the international day and seeing the crowd chant my name”

“It has been a pleasure to be with nice teachers and friends for the past few years”

“The most memorable at Charter was when I greeted by Frank  who was wildly surprised that someone new had joined”

“My six years in Charter was unforgettable, Charter gave me opportunities to meet new people not only in our school’s community but also people from other schools. Studying here, I learned to see the world in a bigger picture, be more independent and to understand other people.”

“I have been lucky to have been in this international community which has allowed me to stand independently and to believe in myself. Having experienced a ‘miniature’ of the world, I now see things differently from how I would have seen them if I had not had my time at Charter.”

“To me, Charter is my second home! I have studied in Charter for more than 14 years, since in fact, the very first day the school opened. Every single day that I have spent in Charter has been simply remarkable. Charter has taught me numerous things and not only academically; now I’m ready to take on the world !”

“Charter is more than "just another school", it is like a home that you just want to go back to. The warmth of the teachers and my friends is unlike any other place you can think of.”

“It’s really nice to be able to learn about something I’m really interested in and mostly that's thanks to Charter International School.”