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How to Apply

Step 1: Application Day

a. Parents complete an application form and give it with all other required documents to the Registrar.  

b. The Admissions Officer will inform parents of the date to bring their child(ren) for their Discovery Day(s).

Step 2: Discovery Day(s)

a. Parents should come to the Admissions Officer when they arrive at school.

b. For Year 1 to 6 the child(ren) will be given a test in English during the Discovery Day(s).

c. For Years 7 and above tests will be given in English and Maths.

d. The Admissions Officer will inform parents of the school’s decision. If the application is accepted, the Admissions Officer will make an appointment to complete the registration procedures.

Remarks: All applicants must take at least one Discovery Day but up to three days can be taken in exceptional circumstances.  

Step 3: Registration Day

a. Parents go to the Accounts Department to pay all required fees.

b. Parents meet the Admissions Officer to complete all necessary arrangements.

Registration Requirement

Parents are required to complete the application form and provide the following document:

1. 2 Child’s Photographs (size 1")

2. A photocopy of Child’s Passport/ Visa

3. A photocopy of Child’s Birth Certificate

4. A photocopy of previous school report (last year)

5. Child’s medical report

6. 2 Parent’s photographs (size 1”)

A photocopy of parent’s I.D./ Passport/ Visa