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Charter school's PE teachers were exclusively invited to visit SEA games 2017 in Malaysia

Charter teachers were cordially invited by to attend the latest SEA games held in Kuala Lumpur this August. The purpose, to gain an experience of event organization and how to create a positive reinforcing atmosphere to make competition more enjoyable and inclusive. We were flown out on Friday the 18th of August and were immediately greeted with a feeling of excitement due to the various flags and advertisements at the airport. This, indeed, seemed to be an important event with the entire city dressed in SEA games memorabilia. The importance of advertising and promotion is often understated but KL seemed to have the perfect amount of promotion to create an atmosphere of excitement surrounding the games. 

The opening ceremony was the perfect introduction to what appeared to be a perfectly organized games. This ceremony seemed to spark excitement and enthusiasm not only to us lucky members in the crowd but for everyone watching on television. The show touched every aspect of what the games were about, from chilling motivational videos, to breathtaking live performances and amazing firework displays. The importance of an opening ceremony cannot be understated and it really showed that sport is not just about the athletes taking part but about the participation of the whole sporting community. Having been involved in this ceremony, I feel that in tournaments, such as TISAC, our students may still be involved in the sports community without directly taking part in competitive events. An example of this being, events management, introductions speeches, welcoming ceremonies, advertising and promotion.

This magnificent opening ceremony created a real feel good atmosphere that left everyone with a sense of excitement for the next day’s events. Having been lucky enough to receive tickets to the Rugby 7’s we arrived to a stadium littered with fans from various nations all chanting and cheering for their representatives. The impact the crowd has on games and the general enjoyment of the competition cannot be understated and is something that we felt could be implemented into future TISAC tournaments. The whole event of the rugby 7’s seemed to run very smoothly and was thoroughly enjoyable; from the banter between fans to the crunching tackles on the field. As a competition we really got a sense that it was the little things that created success from game timing to crowd participation and most importantly clear instructions/directions from the organizers.

Thanks to we were given the opportunity to witness what was a unique event and we felt that there was much to take from this and bring to our own TISAC competitions. The fundamentals being the detailed organization of the event and the involvement of the whole sporting community rather than specifically the athletes. We really felt that this was a positive, eye opening experience and believe our students would benefit from a trip similar to this. Experiencing sport as not just a competition but as a community event may encourage our students to become involved in sport in a capacity they may have never imagined.