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The Summer Camp takes place at Charter and runs from June 24th -July 12th (Monday-Friday). At 08.30 am. – 01.30 pm. The camp fee is 18,000 baht which includes all materials, lunch and snacks provided. Students not able to attend for all 3 weeks may sign up for 6,000 baht per week. 

Summer camp offer activities for 2 groups of the students:

'Early Year and Lower Primary student'

(For 4-7 Years old students: Date of birth on August 2011-August 2015)

We offer:
- Improve your English the fun way with phonics, Lego, public speaking, creative writing and games etc.
- Sports: Students will enjoy lots of different sports and fun activities.

Both activities will be taught in the morning section then in the afternoon there will be DIY activities, cooking, arts and many more 

'Upper Primary and Secondary student'

(For 8-12 Years old: Date of birth on August 2006-August 2010)

There will be 2 option to choose; 
- MOVIE-MAKING which would involve:
    · Write their own script,
    · Plan the shots they want through a storyboard,
    · Make any props,
    · Find the right locations around the school for filming,
    · Choose some songs for the movie soundtrack,
    · Edit their movie ready for the “premiere” on the last day of Summer School
- Robotics : The course uses the latest Vex IQ robots and students will be taught to program these robots and will then compete using one of Charters robotics tracks. No prior programming experience required.

Student of this group will be learning about their activity in the morning section then more fun activities in the afternoon. 

For any clarification or inquiry, please contact 02 7268283 #144